website hosting sydney australiaIf your website is high quality your hosting can’t be. Just like tyres on a car, your contact point with the world needs to be reliable when called upon. A server also needs to be fast, supported and (preferably) local.

This is why we host your website on a premium quality hosting server.

Does the Difference in Quality Really Matter?

You can get cheaper hosting elsewhere, however the performance difference is usually significant and as the Goodyear Tyre company used to say, “If your tyres save you once a year it’s been a Goodyear!”

We’d say the same about your hosting. In the age of the 3 second web-attention-span, server problems and sluggish performance aren’t just bad – they’re expensive.

An unreliable, insecure or Google disliked server can cost you sales or potential customers. The question is how many can you afford to lose?

The difference between the cheap hosting you find elsewhere and our premium hosting is the amount of people hosted per server as well as the quality of the infrastructure itself.

Some hosting companies offer very cheap rates, however cheap always comes at a price! Of course it seems like a bargain at first, but like bald tyres in the wet, when the server is under pressure you don’t get the performance you need. When a web server is overcrowded, loading times are slowed and other server performance and breakdown stressors can occur.

At Dirt Cheap Websites we keep our hosting ratio low in order to give the best possible quality of service. You can be assured, 24/7 that you have access to the performance resources you need, staying online and loading quickly for satisfied visitors and converted customers.

We also bundle our hosting into the price of the website product you have bought. If you buy a Landing Page you will not be taking up as many resources as the Start-Up Suite, so we bill you less.

If you decide to change from the Landing Page option to a multipage website we upgrade your plan to suit your website needs.

Our servers will serve, not hinder your performance!

Yes, we do charge more than some of our competitors. You might save some monthly coin by going with them, but the question is how many sales dollars can you afford to lose?

If you do the math you’ll very likely recognise the investment. If it still doesn’t make sense, just ask. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.