It is true; there are some really cheap hosting services out there. Some have their own servers and others are resellers (pretenders who rent a portion of someone else’s technology).

Usually you don’t know the difference until something goes wrong; then of course, what seemed like a great saving becomes an expensive mistake. Blame shifting begins, help is hard to find and surprise bills start to come your way.

Cheap hosting providers also rarely admit that there are admin’ tasks and periodic upgrades that help your website function. If these are not done, your website’s performance and security can be compromised. Hackers and malicious software threats do exist and these threats are continually on the rise. If your site is breached, it can be blacklisted, your email and Google ranking impacted and your site’s overall performance hindered. 

web hosting sydneyFor these reasons and more, your website needs to be hosted and supported on a local, fast, stable, secure, abundantly resourced and premium technology server.

Sites by Design owns and operates its own servers, we place no more than 350 sites per server and have Australian technical support and provisioning for emergencies. 

With our Business Support service, you receive a fully managed service (if you need something, just ask), unlimited website storage, unlimited bandwidth, hourly snap-shot back-up technology and more.

You can rest easy knowing your website is backed by great technology and committed expertise; we are your web department after all.

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