Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I want to wish all of my clients well over the holiday break.

I would also like to thank you for your support in past years. It has been a bit of a bumpy ride for me but I have survived despite some hard bumps in the road.

Some History

This Christmas marks the start of my 13th year in business. The first two I was fixing computers as a sole trader (Faith Computing), however in year three I started back into the web design industry and phased out the computer repairs. I enjoyed web much more than trouble shooting problems on Window Machines so it was a welcomed change.

In 2009, at the advice of an older wiser man, I turned from a sole trader into a company (Faith Computing Pty Ltd). I started working on figuring out the right business model to go with and there were lots of options. The key to this ‘startup phase’ of business is failing a lot and failing fast. I did that well. I also found out what worked.

In 2011 I read a book called ‘The eMyth Revisited’ by Michael E Gerber. It was an eye opening read (actually I listened to is through I went over it 3 times before I reformulated my whole business. It was enlightening.

The Birth of Sites By Design

In 2012 I decided that ‘Faith Computing’ was a computer repair brand which did not represent what I was selling.

I created the trading name ‘Sites By Design’, built a new website and bought a web industry billing system. The billing system worked off credit card only. It attached to my hosting and domains suppliers for a beautiful automation.

I started creating products and services which were created around the perceived needs of my future clients.

I sold Websites, Hosting and Domain names. I had various price models over the next few years and was able to add on a few extra services like SEO. I even dabbled in Social media for a few clients!

As the time went on I learnt more about business through other books by people such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich dad poor dad, Scott Pape (Barefoot investor) and lots of others. 

A Pivotal Decision – KPI

In April 2016 I signed up for a 1 year program with a company called ‘Dent.’ – it was called Key Person of Influence – That link will get you a free link by the way! I joined because the content was unlike anything I had ever seen. It appealed to me because they showed me a 5 step framework which would help me become a Key Person of Influence in my industry. 

After a year in this program I launched a new business called Managed SEO (Another trading name) as I saw a need for a niche focused business specialising in quality SEO. I saw how much deceit was happening in concern to SEO, that many of the people selling SEO were in fact delivering nothing more than hot air. 

Managed SEO was a new business with a fresh billing system and a fresh mission – to demystify SEO. I believe the video on my front page has done that well.

In 2018 I tried to back off Sites By Design and put most of my focus on Managed SEO. I built it up but was still constantly asked to build people websites. I had no choice but to build a new team in the most efficient way possible.

A New Sites By Design

In the last 6 months I have re-planned Sites By Design, rebuilt the offering and totally overhauled the website. 

I have a new team who are located in different countries around the world including USA, Kenya and The Phillipines. I hand picked them and tested them until I knew they could deliver the best quality for my clients.

It Got Busy

In my years in the web industry I have found that between December and February business was very quiet. So much so that I enjoyed 6 – 8 weeks Christmas holidays. I was still there for emergencies – however I stopped working on my business or building any more websites.

This year when December hit I was the busiest I have ever been. As I write this I have 2 websites being built, content being written and 3 SEO plans being created and implemented. 

2019 Changes 

I have realised that it gets confusing for people being billed from Managed SEO or Sites By Design. Its confusing because the eWay credit card facility I use says Faith Computing Pty Ltd.

I also have plans of adding more products to my offering, in making this decision I have decided to make Faith Computing Pty Ltd the main business name and have all billing systems running through it.

My initial businesses will go from being businesses to being products offered by Faith Computing Pty Ltd. This will mean that I have a single billing system for all products and services. 

This next year I will be creating a content product, this product will make it easier for business owners to get quality content made for their business which is relevant to potential clients.

I will also be tweaking a product idea I have been playing with called Fast Pages. This product will offer more of an automated website creation process for those who want a website built fast – one they can edit and change as they see fit – also one which is search engine friendly. 

Changes to Online Security and Payments

Our payment system has always been solid and secure. We do our very best to keep up with the latest security in order to keep our clients safe from Credit Card Fraud. As a result we will also need to be upgrading our payment system to a newer one. This will purge all credit card numbers and we will need to recollect them. 

This is an excellent opportunity for me to reconnect with you all, ensure you are happy and even take honest criticisms that may help us improve in future.

What to expect

Some time between January and March I will be updating the systems and calling you in order to update your credit card. It will be great to catch up for a chat about your business. I am keen to talk to you as I have always been the main contact for every new client.

I am hoping for your grace as we chat about anything you dont like and the chance to make it better for you.

There is an exciting year ahead for me as I give better than I ever have before.

If you have any issues please do reply this email or give me a call on 0413 099 279.

Again, thank you for trusting me with your business.

Have a safe and fun Christmas!


Scott Nailon