At Sites By Design we are a Marketing Agency in Sydney who focus on Small and Medium Business Marketing through online Lead Generation.

When buying a website many people in our local area stumble across us searching Google for Web Design Sutherland Shire, we use our own traffic generation services in order to leverage ourselves onto Google’s front page for this term due to its popularity in Google.

Here is what you need to think about when you buy a website:

Marketing Agency SydneyWho am I dealing with?
One person can’t do it all, to build a website you need a talented team of different personalities who all input their skills for the benefit of the client. There are many ‘website cowboys’ out there, they are typically known by their backyard or spare room operations – or home office. Sure a home office is all you need when you are on your own doing business, this is however a warning sign that you may be dealing with a website cowboy!

A reputable website company will always have an office for their clients to visit; this is a sign that they are not going anywhere and they have a business which can support such outgoings. It is important that the person you deal with has a good business sense or they will not be there in 6 months to help you when you have problems!

Do I like them?
Don’t hire a team you don’t like because you are going to have to deal with them from that moment onward! Ensure they have a personality which you can work with, they are friendly and truly do have a customer centric attitude!

What will my website be made of?
There are a few different platforms, which are the norm. WordPress, Joomla, and Wix are a few.

Joomla is the most powerful content management system in the world – for this reason we use it for everything we do and recommend that you do too!

WordPress, in our opinion the less versatile little brother of Joomla, this platform was originally built to house a simple blog – which is good – but when you start adding all of the plugins, breakage and security vulnerabilities can be created!

Wix is a free website building software which you can pay more for premium usage. You get a lot for your money but if you want something that is powerful and gives you total control this is not the thing for you.

Can I change the website or do I need to pay someone for every change I make?

With Sites By Design we offer you total control of your website by creating you a log in and password for your website. We do offer premium website updates in 15 minute blocks of billed time if you are too busy to update your own website, yet we still give you the power to make changes yourself!

Do they provide Hosting?

Web hosting in Australia is a large industry; there are many large companies who have thousands upon thousands of clients and pack as many on to each of their web servers as they can to maximize their profit (which is already large due to the lack of support agents they hire to offer quality customer service). We have set our hosting up as a boutique service, we keep the ratio of users per server far below the recommended number in order to ensure 100% Quality of Service. We also ensure we give the very best level of customer support. This way our clients are always looked after and never feel neglected like so many people out there!

Which methods are they recommending for you to expose your website to your target market?

Traffic Generation requires a long term strategy which you employ over a number of years and are a very over-offered service in this industry; many cowboys are going offshore to get their SEO done without true knowledge of how it is being done. The end result of this is lots of money spent with very small results to show for it, over all a low return on investment. When deciding who to work with we suggest that you check for current runs on the board, clients who are ranking for what is needed. Also ask about keyword research and when someone quotes numbers of searches per month you need to ensure the figures are according to [exact match] settings.

Adwords is a way to get immediate results and is a great way to test the market and see which keyword phrases get you the best results. When we have the data from around 3 months of Adwords we can convert that data into SEO keyword phrases which will generate great traffic to your website.

Social Media is another great way to generate traffic, every business should have a facebook page – IF IT IS MAINTAINED DAILY! It is a great tool in order to communicate with potential and current clients when used correctly. It is also good to have links to your social media on your website in order to get more people on the social media list of followers.

Social Media Pay Per Click is another great way to branch out! Facebook has a monopoly on personal demographics unrivalled by anyone due to the information people put into it! Their bidding system is similar to that of Facebook yet a LOT cheaper! It is well worth split testing some advertising on Facebook by putting a $100 budget down and testing with a few adverts!

Youtube is another great way to generate traffic into your website, although you do need to be able to create videos to upload either monthly, weekly or even daily if you have a lot of content to do it with! Sites By Design can offer these services for you if you need them!

All in all the most important things are as follows:

If you would like to speak more about your website just contact Sites By Design and we will listen to your needs and offer you the best of what we know in return!

So! What are you waiting for? Lets Make a Website, and then lets turn it into a Lead Generation Machine!