Naaaah! I’d rather make a lead generation machine.

With so many web companies promising so much, how do you decide who to go with? The cheaper providers look a little risky but offer an immediate saving, while the more expensive providers seem to deliver more bells and whistles than you desire. Before you make your decision, make sure you have thought through what you really want and need. Only with that clarity of thinking will you avoid an expensive buyers remorse.

Lets Make a Website

We recognise that the web marketplace trades on moments, not minutes. Securing attention, stirring interest, delivering content and motivating visitors to make contact are essential outcomes that must be quickly met. The average website merely presents information, a good website generates a lead and a great site generates a purchase ready client.

At Sites by Design we create websites that are good as a minimum and great as our goal.

We have designed our delivery model to perform to these criterion and we have satisfied clients that testify to our results. To say this a little differently, a site that presents information is merely a website, a website that generates motivated leads is a unit of business production and potentially a money-making machine. 

Which would you rather?


So lets make a website!

We start by giving our new clients a Business Support Plan (Or ecommerce Support for online stores), this is a support plan that enables us to become an extension of your business. This means WE become YOUR web department.

Once you have your support plan we include an unlimited hosting plan, managed by us to ensure your hosting runs at its best – which ensures Quality of Service to those who land on your website. We also update the security on your website often and keep the backups up to date so that if there are any issues we can have you covered!

Once you have your support plan we build you a website which is focused on compelling visitors to become sales leads. This means that when someone lands on your website our aim is to get them converted to a future client – which can only really be done by either yourself or your sales and marketing department – depending on your business model.

Lets Make a Website
So lets make a website – More then a website – a Business Lead Generation Machine!

You can choose whether you want to have a top level designer from our team working on your site or just a simple site (saving a little bit of money) but either way our formula should work in getting you conversions.

Once we have all of this in place we then extend you the possibility of getting you some SEO working. Our SEO is special, it is not like the black magic often offered by many web companies out there, it is a combination of over 100 team members working together in a team off shore (where wages are a little cheaper) in order to bring you the best and bring you to the front page of Google for those high competition keyword phrases that you may have never thought you would rank for in your lifetime!

This means that you have a formula that just works –

Lets Make a WebsiteSEO = Google Domination = Traffic to your Site = Visitors Converting to Sales Leads = Business growth!

Once we have your Lead Generation machine running and helping your business to grow all we ask is that you provide us with a great testimonial in order to show others who may be a little unsure of our system!

So, what are you waiting for?

So lets make a website! No, lets make more then a website – lets make a Business Lead Generation Machine!