sales funnelBefore we explain what Inbound Marketing is, you need to understand that a sales funnel is a diagram of how your online marketing strategy works. 

Businesses all around the world use sales funnels every day to ensure their business continues to attract more clientele – therefore growing.

Many sales funnels utilise the following action steps:

—> Website Visitor —> Conversion —> Sales Lead —> Conversion —> New Client

There are many courses online which will show you complex ways of getting your marketing funnel into operation. At Sites By Design however, we will simplify it so you can benefit from maximum leads with minimum stress and complexity. Very few people enjoy the stress which comes from complexity, so that is what we aim to minimise wherever possible.

The term we prefer to use is ‘Inbound Marketing’. This refers to the systems you employ to ensure your website is seen by those you aim to reach. Effective inbound marketing is a non-obtrusive way of getting exposure with an audience that is already looking for you.

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