Below I have listed just a few of the tools I believe that every business owner with a website should have in their kit. I will explain why on each one. inbound marketing seo sydney


This is a software you can install on your website to get cusom information on who has visited, where they came from and what they did whilst on your site, I use it for every client who has SEO services with me.


I use Serp Book to track my work every day. It shows me the placements of my clients search phrases and therefore give me and idea of the results of my latest work. It is a must!


I use Keyword finder around 30 times per day for various clients. It is useful for getting live data on what is being searched in exact numbers so that we know which keywords we wish to comete for and which ones to rank each for on every article on a clients website.


I use SEMRush to gain valuable insights into my clients competitors, how they are doing their SEO and what they do in Adwords. This is a big part of my tool kit which I would not live without. It may not be cheap but it is amazing!


iDev Affiliate is one of the oldest and most developed affiliate systems on the web. Implimenting it for your online store will assentially give you multiple free sales people who wish to make money from promoting your products. It will also ensure you get a few free backlinks from other peoples website blogs in your niche!


Many people hate the conventional banking setups and their painful wait time and crazy demands, Square payments is a nice alternative for those who are not big fans of paypal.


As a business owner who has both clients running sotres as well as my own I cant recommend Shopify more than I do! It is amazing, from the mobile / ipad app to its seemless integration and app store it is the best system ont he market. I can get an online stoer up and running in under 8 hours (3-4 if I rush it)!