Creating content to stir Google and visitors to action

copywriter sydneyMost businesses do not have the luxury of targeting only one customer type. Neither do websites. For some visitors, a professional and trust generating appearance will be all they need. For others however, drilling down and searching for more will be their way. 

Many of these clients will quickly move on if your content does not answer their questions, motivate them or cater to the nuances of their personality type.

Poor quality copy (or wording) is an almost certain way to lose visitors. It is also a sure-fire way to lose the love of Google.

Good copy however, will convert visitors into sales leads as well as improve your search engine performance. 

This is why we have a variety of talented copy writers on team who take their job very seriously.

Both art and science

Creating content that meets the needs of Google and a diverse range of people is not easy. It is both art form and science, with most content going through 4 drafts at a minimum before the final copy is settled upon. You may also have created copy of your own and want it to be proofed and polished for effect.

We want your website to both rank and convert. To achieve these goals, quality content is key!

Taking the time to understand your business 

We invest the time to learn about your business, products, services and customers. It is also important that your content reflects your business culture, so we also ask about your objectives and preferences. The final goal is to create authoritative copy that:

copywriter sydneyCreating copy that Google loves 

It is important that your content is strategically written, not only to win and guide site visitors, but also to win search engine favour.  The Google algorithm is constantly being improved to better identify relevant and authoritative content.

There was a time when being ranked well was simply a matter of sandwiching key terms into both the text and headings. Those days are gone.

Nowadays, Google penalises poor grammar and punishes those who word cram in an attempt to fool its site reviews. The algorithm is even beginning to recognise relationships between concepts and terms in a way that was once inconceivable. 

Content truly is king.

One of our copy writers will work closely with you to meet these dual objectives. Your site needs great content, not only to achieve your sales goals, but also to optimise your search engine ranking. We can even proof and polish content that you’ve created yourself. 

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